Hello, World!

Who I am

I am a third-year Software Engineering Student at Rochester Institute of Technology interested in full stack development, mobile applications, and web engineering.  As a freshman, I was enrolled in the Computing Exploration Program where I was exposed to the several departments within RIT's College of Computing.  This exposure enabled me to decided that Software Engineering was the best fit for me.  I became very involved in the Society of Software Engineers (SSE), a student organization that hosts mentoring, develops student led projects, and creates a network of students, alumni, and employers.  I was elected Secretary of the SSE for the 2017-18 academic year.

I grew up on Long Island, New York where I was an active member in my Boy Scouts troop and am proud to have earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  Throughout high school, I was the Lighting Master for my school.  I designed, rigged, and operated the lighting for all of the theatrical performances.  In addition to academics at RIT, I continued my passion for theatre and have been involved in the lighting for multiple performances on campus.  I am also a member of the percussion section in RIT's Pep Band where we help create an atmosphere of school spirit at the weekly home hockey games and other events around campus.  I always enjoy riding my skateboard even if it is sometimes only from my room to class.

What I have Done

These are a few of my experiences, projects, and accomplishments.

Harris Corporation

Software Testing Intern

May – July 2018

  • Assemble and execute tests involving multiple radios and receivers
  • Record and analyze test results
  • Install and con gure various software packages and operating systems on hand-held radios
  • Participate in daily stand-ups and work in a team based environment

Grade Calculator

Grade Calculator

November 2017–April 2018

  • Single-page web app using React and Redux.
  • Integrated Google login and Firebase storage
  • Allows user to decompose a grade into pieces of other graded items.
  • Each grade item has a customizable weight, points, and can be marked as graded or expected.
  • Tools Used: JavaScript, React, Redux, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, Git, Firebase, Atom

SSE Logo

SSE Secretary

Academic Year 2017/2018

The SSE Secretary is responsible for recording meeting minutes, keeping the society informed of important information, and preparing agenda for officers meeting and slides for general meetings.

SSE Logo

SSE Mentor

Academic Year 2017/2018

I am one of several mentors in the SSE who together hold mentoring hours from 10-6 Monday-Friday. Underclassmen who come into the lab can receive guidance with their homework or projects. We hold review sessions on the weekends before exams for the introductory courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Eagle Scout Award Certificate

Eagle Scout

September 30, 2015

Eagle Scout is the highest rank a Boy Scout can achieve. Requiremnets include completion of dozens of merit badges and skills, community service, and positions of leadership.

Dean's List Badge Icon

RIT Dean's List

Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018

To be on the Dean's List, you must be a fulltime students taking 12 or more credits, recieve a semester average of at least 3.40, and not recieve any failures.


Cool Contacts

November & December 2017

I and others wanted visually appealing icons for contacts. This allows the user to construct a simplistic yet elegant contact photo by only giving 2 letter initials. The user can also choose a desired color or click through random appealing colors. Application allows the user to preview and download the contact photos.

Stage Light

Dan Gude's Lit Lighting

November & December 2016

A stage lighting instructional website. It was created from the ground up for my final project in Web and Mobile I.

Screenshot of Snake Game

Classic Snake game in Java

January 2017

Recreating the Classic Snake arcade game using JavaFX following Model-View-Controller pattern.

How You can Contact Me

I am available for internship/co-op opportunities Spring 2019. Please dont hesitate to send me an email, download my resume, or check me out on any of the linked networks listed below!